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Reading log 4 part I

The Selection ~ The Elite
 –Kiera Cass

I wrote this right after I closed the book. 11:42 pm. There were thoughts. Countless thoughts fishing in my mind and I couldn’t think of anything else but to get a pen and a piece of paper to write and catch it. WARNING: I wrote whatever word my mind wants to say so better bear with it. ;-)

 Like seriously, I love happy endings until I read this series’ epilogue. I don’t really care if it’s a tragic, a hanging ending nor of those in fairytales, I just don’t want to end this book at all. It’s like I want to read the book for the rest of my nights, bubbling the scene I closed before I sleep and unlocking it as I wake up in the morning –though not every day, I woke up real late.  I believe it is not the adrenaline rush to the deadliest line that I unfolded it in a short time but because I was always hungry to find out why, who, when, how and anything I ask would be going to have an answer. I just admired the book as I love the characters.

Honestly, thanks to my pen for letting me outrage and put my thoughts into words. I just hope its ink wouldn’t run-off before I have it all done. It’s my last chance to complete my blog.

Kiera Cass took me to the future –the future I have not imagined will rise, it was messy yet perfect. I sometimes thought of who I was in the story, am I the camera witnessing every other attack in the palace or else the Northern and Southern rebels causing the chaos, one of the guards maintaining the security, or might be Prince Maxon Schreave admiring America Singer or just merely an intruder sneaking private scenes in any hidden rooms. I really felt I’ve been one of the pieces building the best story. I admired her.

Really this book reminds me of stories heard, read, seen on TV or of movies. It’s quite similar to Hunger Games minus the blood sport, Divergent only its factions, Royalties across Europe, Prince’s marrying commoners like of Prince William and Kate Middleton whom was witnessed throughout the globe. Yet I know exactly it was different and don’t see all of those was its blueprint, it was uniquely beautiful. I was amazed on how the author introduced the time and the setting. It was effectively believable that I have the second thoughts of; would the world be like this through time? Is it possible to fade United States America despite its power now? Will it happen to the Philippines significantly connected to the unsettled relationship to China? Mere questions to reality.

“It is always at awe when you less expect things to happen”.  I uttered it a lot and now I just said it again as I finished reading. When I saw it on a bookstore, I expect a love story – a plain love story of a Prince finally marrying a girl who outshines the others with her beauty, wit and personality as of silly pageants. And yes you won’t miss girls who bully the chosen protagonist and sabotage every detail of its beauty. But i could only stare at the lines which startled me and just ‘ahhhh it’s actually happening’.

In the first book, the caste system really caught my interest. At first I was amazed by it, it's exciting when you put numbers to people’s status. But then again predictions failed, America actually hates it, she thought it is the major problem the kingdom has ignored. Here I saw how America values fairness and freedom. When an attack again explode at the palace Lady America brought here maids in the safe room where the Royal family and the selected were and only theirs but she broke the rule, at that time no caste must arise just their safety and her maids were important. Illéa needs her. Yes I could say that even if I could not benefit America being the Queen but for I believe a leader should possess like her –as great as her. I now see what castes’ effect to their world, it is as water and a mud, well if you put them together the flow will still occur but if you put them boundaries you’ll see no progress and will just be stagnant. Peace does not count on money nor do war freaks evolve on penniless, but freedom does.  Castes should never exist if reality will allow because if there's one thing that could make this world still and peaceful it would be giving everyone an equal right, no matter who, no matter what is their status in the society.

Well, I supposed it is still a love story and again love became the weakness of every girl as America. She still tied with “first love never dies” silly cliché as if Aspen is the only man alive. This is one of his criteria why to eliminate caste because she wanted to live with Aspen though she’s Five and he’s Six. The relationship’s never illegal but if you consider having a life you would avoid it to happen like what they did even if she doesn’t want the Prince and be the choice to be the Majesty’s wife, she still signed for the ‘The Selection’.  

            Of all the admiration still this was not my genre –I mean to sort of royal stories nor princesses’ diaries, so i set my mind on politics and how a monarch actually run. Considering a world after a Fourth World War I know the reality still has it sealed that though thousands of war will occur a government is still a government and leaders still lead the way the past lead. The recipe of leaderships would only be complete with the oppositions; there will always be someone whom will disagree on your opinion even if that’s the perfect solution to make things better. That I don’t blame the rebels for their attacks nor do I blame King Clarkson for his leadership. Everyone might think a king or a president just sit on his throne and command his constituents, with the honor on his name already says it’s never easy to run a country. However, they chose to be in that position so the solutions are supposed to be in their hands and not to add the problems instead. And there King Clarkson failed, he does not step on the lower people for he thought it could be best for them yet in his reign he doesn’t know it’s the root of it all and even if America tried to enlighten him He still stand on his idea and never listens . Where in fact, unlike his father, Prince Maxon believes on the agony on his people and of America, that actually will save Illéa and if we could find a president like him we’ll smell a good leader and a better country.

            The book two however was the most exciting part of the series. Here I had a chance to know the Elite and the different angles of America as well as Maxon. I already sensed the battle and remind me of how hard it was for Prince Maxon to choose between the six deserving ladies –or five. Yet the Prince showed not a struggle, he remained composed and impressively calm which I want to possess. I need that especially when it comes to my decisions; I usually panicked until I’ve got a wrong choice.

            But the most exciting part of it was until I couldn’t stop myself from singing KZ Tandingan’s “ Mahal ko O Mahal ako”. I wanted to sing it to America every time she was confused on who she cares and loves the most. If it’s Aspen her first love and whom still loved her or Maxon that made her feel extra special. But I’m afraid she’ll command to kick me out or worst let her maid braid my tongue for my awful voice –she is a Five and a singer for heaven sake. Seriously, I don’t know how hard it is for America, maybe because I don’t feel like it or it is not hard as it that I experienced. WHICHEVER!

            I know in the first place who will end at last but it is so strange that this book contains twist that will make you afraid your predictions will again fail.
            /sigh/ well I’ve said it all –or so I thought and I guess it’s just too long I’m afraid you’ll get bored. I hope you’ll be excited as I am for my thoughts about the third book ‘The One’. And again I guess it would give you time to read the whole series first before knowing my insights. Thank You.

To be continued…

Reading log 4 part II

The book cover was really awesome and I admire who ever graphic designer who made it. as part of my reading log i chose to make my own cover. I focus merely on America but i tried to emphasize in the cover how she struggles to be in the Selection. Hope you'll like it.

The photo wasn't mine as well as 'The Selection' title. 
Credits to the Artist and the photographer and the model of the perfect photo.

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