Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Reading Log 3 Part I 

Beautiful Disaster
–Jamie McGuire
                  What if you’ll finally meet the girl in your dreams that exactly possess your mother –you longed since she’s gone? But exactly finds you like her villain father she won’t wish to come across? Have you imagine a complete Disaster? Their story was dangerous at it was perfectly wrong but as Abby Abernathy says “when a disaster is Good it is Beautiful”, the sequel unfolds with a bang of danger, love, trust and fate.
                  Though it was a love story and I expect an intimate sign of forever, as I unfolded the first page it turn out to be full of action –literally an underground fight where Travis Maddox was introduced as a “Mad Dog” and where a “Pigeon” dropped by. 
                 Abby Abernathy was only 18, a freshman and in a complete misery of her youth. Travis however is a misery himself, a perfect definition of a bad boy slash playboy slash a frat man in college who bullies and beats students in his way. There I understood Abby on why she could not contain knowing the guy who fits perfectly her father's. Well it’s a love story and yeah as silly clichés says “love conquers everything” and it changes a lion to a mice. Travis is intelligent in contrary to what he’s acting and as hopeless as the guys he punched that only showed because of his eagerness to have Abby –who in the first place failed to avoid him and found deeply in love instead. Their feelings changed them.
                 More than Cupid that I saw having a tough job in pointing the arrow for the disaster the two brought, I come to realize Abby was an American teenager yet showed far from the typical. Even if she already feel empty without Travis in his side, she still showed a true woman that knows exactly her boundaries in relationships with opposite sex especially Travis who can easily get a girl with just wink. Unlike her bestfriend America who go beyond what a teenage couple could have done. However, there are certain ways where Abby failed to impress me, at times when she easily leave a man without dropping any excuse like killing someone without any reason -well the feeling might have been similar to a painful death. And i don't blame Travis to go back with his lunatic self when he was immediately broke without Abby explaining. Not until Abby realized not all men are like his father's footprint that i admired her.
                Everyone –or girls I use talked to about love usually says “you have to change your attitude if you really love her” and it’s always a debate in me that if you are to show your love you have to let her know who you are and not your better being and if she would love you eventually you wouldn’t be blamed of being just pretentious or worst a liar. Somehow it still depends on him and his attitude –if that would upset his girl, he should change it for her. Like what Travis did, he changed himself not to impress Abby nor have her finally to bed but because he knew this would only make her stop from comparing any man to her father. That would also explain why they have to get married immediately despite their age and work because they have a solid trust that no one hides any truth. 
                However, there are some point that I hated the novel for the chapters that the characters have to break-up, like you felt the “forever” and then suddenly it has to end but I was just kidding. Actually I salute the author for it because it does effectively move me; I usually quit reading when a book becomes boring –where it just contains purely one matter. I also commend her for burning my predictions. I was about to put it down when I sense it is just another version of a story I’ve read and the names are only that’s different. But yeah I found myself at awe with twists that I repeated not just once. 

Reading Log 3 Part II

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